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OSY/ K-12 Non-Project Services Program

The OSY/ K-12 Non-Project Services Program is based out of the USD 491 Eudora School District in Eudora, KS.

Kansas has instituted a system designed to meet the needs of all migrant students—both out-of-school youth and those enrolled in K-12. Migrant students are often “invisible” because their primary focus, or that of their families, is to work as many hours as possible in order to earn enough to survive as they usually live in extreme poverty. Students may be unschooled or have limited schooling from their country of origin. Students and their families are often English Language Learners, have limited access to health care, and may lack proper nutrition.

Eligible students are identified and recruited by Kansas Identification & Recruitment (ID&R) staff and issued a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Upon receipt of a COE, KS MEP staff immediately contact the student and a Student Profile is started for either OSY or a K-12 student. OSY students are assessed for educational background, academic goals are defined, and a course work schedule is established. Likewise, K-12 students are assessed in terms of their Priority for Services status, areas of needed support, and what interventions they are currently receiving from the school district.

Additionally, KS MEP Advocates meet with district personnel to understand the needs of migrant students and utilize a District Checklist to begin a dialogue between KS MEP Advocates and school personnel. In the case of K-12 students, staff members also meet with school district/school personnel to determine the educational goals for those students and work together to offer supplemental tutoring where needed. 

All students are entered into a statewide database and monitored via their personal Student Goals and Service Plans, which are updated regularly. All students also are assessed for advocacy needs (medical, dental, legal, etc.) and provided with community resources and communication assistance when appropriate.

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